Dual Microphone Adapter For Laptop & Smartphone

৳ 200.00

Easy to Use 2 Microphone on your Smartphone/Laptop
The price is for 1pc of Adapter (Picture is to show 2 functions only)
6 Months Replacement Warranty
Made in China

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1. Can I connect two BOYA M1 with this Dual microphone Adapter?

Ans: Yes! you can use 2 BOYA M1 with this adapter and record of go Live on Facebook or YouTube.

2. Does this Adapter need any Battery?

Ans: No! This adapter doesn’t require any battery at all.

3. Can I use this Adapter on a Smartphone?

Ans. Yes! You can use it with any smartphone but for a few brands, you may need to use the “Open Camera” app.


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